“Bring It Home”

This has been our training theme since 2014. “Bring it Home” is referring to the opportunity we have to do training at our Home Chapters. Your District Staff will work with you to have your own training days at your Home Chapter. It is your opportunity to design your training to meet the needs of your Chapter. Do you have some shy participants that would like to become great orators? Perhaps you would like “Public Speaking” or if you have some new riders you might like a “Team Riding” class. You decide what you need and your District Team will work with you to schedule instructors for the classes you want. Gary Hamilton our District Educator and myself want you to have the training you need for your participants. Invite other Chapters to join you and make a real event out of the day. Think of how much fun you can have, besides, you may actually learn something. Contact either of us to schedule your “Training Day”. Let’s “Bring it Home Again ” this year.

David Hill
(615) 300-2977
LTP Classes
Chapter Structure and Organization
What is a CD?
What is the Rider Ed Program
Flyers for Fun and Profit
Planning a Chapter Event
How to Show or Judge a Bike
Remembering Names
Managing Change
Public Speaking 101
Self Esteem-Key to Success
Listening and Communicating
Smart Moves
Stress Management
Time Management
Coaching and Mentoring
Conflict Management
High Impact Leadership
Know Your True Colors
The Nature of Leadership
People Based Leadership Skills
LTP Classes
Personal Style Inventory
Studies in Applied Leadership
Building High Performance Teams
Releasing Volunteer Leaders
Chapter Communications Plan
Financial Reporting Seminar
Problem Solving
Win Win Progress Reviews
Motivating Volunteers
Chapter Finances
Interviewing Techniques
You’re an Officer-Now What
Staffing and Appointment
Write Stuff
Riders Ed Classes
Co-Rider Seminar
Co-Rider Two Seminar
Level Up PPT Presentation
High Side Scenarios
Riding w/ New or Inexperienced
Dealing with Different Elements
Going Going Gone
Night Riding
Motorcycle Crash Scene Response
Motorcycling for Mature Riders
Road Captain Course
Riding in the Heat
Helmet Myths
I’m an Educator-Now What
How to use the R.E. Database
Seasoned Rider Supplement
Team Riding Seminar
Trailering Seminar
Motorist Awareness
Think Motorcycles
Share the Road
Why Motorist Awareness
MEP Classes
Membership Enhancement
Coordinator Position Description
2014 Chapter of the Year
Couple of the Year – Shop Talk
Couple of the Year Complete
Fun Activities Guide
History of GWRRA
Helpful Information for New Members
How Can I Participate in GWRRA
How to Have Fun at a GWRRA Event
Member Benefits Overview
Structure of GWRRA