Tennessee "Couple of the Year" Visitation Plaque

Purpose: The purpose of awarding the plaque is to encourage and promote inter-chapter visitation during the year by our Tennessee Chapter Couples of the Year.

1. Any current TN Chapter Couple of the Year ("Couple") wishing to challenge possession of this plaque may do so by attending the next gathering or event of the possessing Chapter. Each couple will be given a draw ticket. A special drawing will be held at the beginning of the gathering to determine who takes custody of the plaque.

2. In the event that both members of a Couple representing a challenge are not present, then a single member of a Couple becomes eligible.

3. Both members representing the challenging Couple must prove current membership in the Gold Wing Road Rider's Association, and the Couple must be on the TN-District MEC list available on the TN GWRRA website. 4. The plaque is to be awarded at the beginning of the chapter gathering/event.

5.Once a Couple has successfully challenged and taken possession of the plaque, the Chapter's MEC or representative will immediately notify the District MEC so this information can be posted on the Tennessee District website. If possible, please also submit a picture of the possessing Couple presenting the plaque to the challenging/receiving Couple.

6. When the announcement of a successful challenge has been made, the plaque will then be available for challenge at the next gathering or event of the possessing Chapter, but not less than 1 week. This process will then begin again.

7. If a chapter captures the plaque and there is less than a week before their next gathering then they will retain the plaque until the next month. Example: Chapter A2 captures the plaque on Saturday from Chapter Y and their gathering is on Monday then they will keep the plaque until the next month. This will give the chapter time to get it engraved.

8. The chapter that the plaque was captured from is not eligible to regain the plaque unless there are no other eligible chapters present. (Example: If Chapter O had the plaque and Chapter V captured the plaque from Chapter O, then Chapter O is not eligible to capture the plaque from Chapter V at Chapter V’s next event unless there are no other eligible visiting chapters; then Chapter O can re-claim the plaque if they meet all other eligibility requirements.

9. The plaque will circulate between January and December. The plaque will be awarded at the District Winter Event to the Chapter Couple of the Year out of the previous year’s Class who captured the plaque the most times. (for example; at the Winter Event in 2015, The plaque will be awarded to the couple that captured it the most times from January thru December of 2014.) In the event that two or more Couples are tied for capturing the plaque; there will be a special drawing to determine the final winner. Any questions regarding the Visitation Plaque Program should be directed to the Tennessee District Membership Enhancement Coordinators.